The GIS Cloud JavaScript API enables you to make use of the GIS Cloud system and create rich GIS powered web applications. This reference should help you get started.

Watch for updates

The reference will be updated daily as the API is currently under development.

Getting started

It’s easy to get started. Take a look at this introduction to the API and try a few examples.

API reference

The full API reference is available here!
To witness the true power of the GIS Cloud API, familiarize yourself with the capabitlities.

Note on jQuery

Internally, the API uses jQuery library for DOM manipulation, AJAX and other browser-sensitive operations. The library is included inside the API in a way it doesn’t pollute the global scope, possibly interfering with any other javascript libraries you may want to use.
If you however choose to make use of the included jQuery library, you can expose it using the exposeJQuery method.

var $ = jQuery = giscloud.exposeJQuery();