1. Doing a search


URL:  /search.json?query={query}&fields={layer_id}~{field1},{field2},...~[{field1:DESC},---][;{layer_id}...]&perpage={per_page}&x={x_coord}&y={y_coord}  

Method: GET

Protocol: HTTP, HTTPS


  • query – value to be searched
  • layer_id – id of a layer to search against
  • ~ – separator: first group: list of fields, second optional group for ordering


  • 200 (OK) + search result


  • you can list multiple layer-filed packages you want to search against – use the “;” as delimiter
  • with per_page you can setup how many records you want to get per page
  • x & y are coordinates that are used for default ordering e.g. you can order


Syntax highlighting not supported for ‘json’, see HelpOnParsers.
$ curl -X GET https://api.giscloud.com/1/search.json?query=search_string&fields=19~my_field,my_field2~&perpage=10&x=0&y=0